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There's plenty of kissing tips on the internet. This page aims to offer a few of them.

Whether you're new to kissing, or looking to improve your technique, you must always remember that kissing is a sensual, passionate, intimate thing, one that holds a special place in human society. Don't ever dismiss a kiss, or take it lightly. Give it the reverence it deserves.

Tips for Getting Ready to Kiss
* Make sure your breath is fresh. Brushing your teeth every day is the best way to do this. If you've been eating garlic or other strong foods, a breath mint may be in order. If you have bad breath, there is treatment available. Halitosis is caused by bacteria and therefore can be cured.

* Go easy on the lipstick or lipbalm. These things may make your lips look good, but they can be sticky or ruin the "taste" of the kiss. Lipstick also makes a mess and lets everyone know what you've been up to, which is not a good thing if you want to kiss discreetly.

* Be comfortable. Make sure that you can easily reach your partner, and that your body is not in an uncomfortable position. This will detract from your enjoyment of the kiss. Angle your head slightly, so that your noses don't knock against each other.

* Close your eyes. When you kiss someone, you're sharing a space, and your face is very close to theirs. Closing your eyes means you don't see them in blurry closeup, which is often unflattering, and it also means you are free to enjoy the kiss through your other senses - touch, taste and smell.

Kissing Tips
* Lips first. A kiss is first and foremost a meeting of lips. On a purely tactile level it's about the feel of another person's lips on yours. This is a very sensitive part of your anatomy, so relax, go slow, and enjoy the sensation of lip on lip. Slide them against each other, move them around, revel in the feeling of the inner lips.

* Opening the mouth. In order to feel the inner lips of your partner, you will need to open your mouth slightly. Go easy. Don't get lockjaw from trying to open your mouth as wide as possible, it's unnecessary and quite uncouth. Open it as much as you would when speaking quietly.

* The tongue. Sometimes the tongue is best left in your own mouth - especially if you don't know your partner very well. At the same time, using your tongue can greatly enhance a kiss. The trick is to gently probe with your tongue, as opposed to sticking it in holus-bolus. Use it to trace the line of your lover's lips. Flick the tip quickly in and out of their mouth. Touch their tongue with yours. Feel the inside of their lips with it.

* Gentle pressure. Kiss your partner with a gentle pressure on their lips. Don't press too hard against them with your lips, or your body for that matter. Pull back sometimes, and make them come after you. Make your kiss a game of give-and-take.

* Don't suck. And I mean that in terms of suction, not ability. Kissing is not about trying to apply a vacuum to the other person's mouth.

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