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Clit Kisser
Oh wow... what's that down below? This Clit Kisser features a soft vibrating mouth with a sensual tongue that gently flitters as it caresses. Clitoral pleasure is as easy as turning on the removable multi-speed battery pack! This great adult toy from California Exotic requires two AA batteries.
Take an exciting journey into the world of clitoral exploration with soft Jel-Lee lips and powerful, multi-speed Micro Mini vibe. Uses three (3) "L1154" cell batteries (not included).
Kama Sutra Love Oil - Rasperry Kiss
Tingly warmth to tempt the lips.
Rub a few drops of this magical potion wherever desire leads you. Slippery to the touch, warm to the skin and irresistible to the tongue, these delicately scented oils arouse your lover with a tingly glow. Each edible water based oil washes away easily, leaving only the sweet memory of a lingering touch.
4-ounce bottle.
Romantic Getaway Kit
Make your next getaway a sexy one with the romantic getaway kit! Includes body massager, 2 oz. bottles of Danish Afterhours Massage Cream, Swedish Passion Play Massage Oil and Strawberry Hot Stuff Warming Massage Oil. Also 5 deliciously flavored massage oil samplers. Try them all during your unforgettable getaway!

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The Kiss
, DVD, or Video on Demand
Starring: Katie Gold Kyle Stone Lori Michaels Michael J. Cox Nick East Nick Stone Tia Bella Tony Tedeschi

Lori has the perfect boyfriend: good-looking, sexy, rich, but she's not happy...He's not a good kisser. For her, kissing is the most important thing. It's also of the utmost importance to her roommate, played by Kyle Stone. He could care less about kissing but he's got a wicked crush on Lori. Believing she will fall in love with him if he can just maneuver her into a kiss he sets out with a series of ill-fated strategies to get her lip-to-lip with him. But in the end you can't manage affairs of the heart.

PS. Video on Demand allows you to watch streaming video over the internet.

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