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Kissing and Porn

Porn does not seem to like kissing much.

Of the millions of sexually explicit photos available today, a surprisingly small percentage of them depict people kissing. If we consider how much kissing is part and parcel of normal sexual interactions, it's almost bizarre that porn doesn't want to show it.

Of course, porn primarily exists to show sex in graphic detail, and the focus is most often on the genitals. When kissing is shown, the "kiss" very often makes use of the tongue, and lip-to-lip contact is sometimes non-existent. One could almost describe this as "tongue jousting". Perhaps the emphasis here is to display oral ability.

Real, intimate kisses, full of emotion and desire are still very rare in porn.

Perhaps one of the reasons porn shuns kissing is the need to keep sex emotionless and purely about pleasure. If we consider that the vast majority of porn is created for male viewers, it may not be surprising. If porn is an expression of common male fantasies, then men most often fantasise about guilt-free, commitment-free sex with women who are happy to accommodate their needs and then leave them alone. No emotion is involved - hence, the less kissing, the better.

There are echoes here of the prostitute's rule of not kissing, as it's too personal.

Perhaps porn needs to refrain from kissing, as men may need to keep their lusty porn fantasies separate from real-life relationships, where kissing is important.

When it comes to women looking at porn, the lack of kissing is a major problem. While women can enjoy hardcore down-and-dirty porn just as much as the next man, a lot of female porn surfers are looking for porn with more emotional content. They want to see sex in context, and to see real intimate connection between the two people having sex.

This is where kissing is needed in porn.

Erotica for women seeks to redress this lack of balance in porn by offering women sexually explicit material that features kissing, and foreplay, and emotional involvement.

It shouldn't have to be a contradiction that hot, lusty sex has to be devoid of intimacy.

This site offers a selection of photos of couples kissing and making love to prove that.

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