The Kissing Book: Everything You Need to Know
by Tomima Edmark
Is your kissing up to snuff? In this informative and entertaining guide to one of our favorite activities, Tomima Edmark indeed shows you "everything you need to know," plus quite a bit that you don't--all of it interesting. The section titled "Prelude to a Kiss" is filled with amusing facts and statistics; "Kissing Fundamentals" answers age-old questions such as "Eyes open or closed?" and "Where do the noses go?"; and "Kissing As an Art Form" is a guide to osculatory refinement for the more advanced kisser.

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The Book of Kisses: A Definitive Collection of the Most Passionate, Romantic, Outlandish, & Wonderful Quotations on the Intimate Art of Kissing
by William Cane
Here are more than 600 of the most passionate, romantic, outlandish, and wonderful classic and contemporary quotations on the intimate art of kissing. The author of The Art of Kissing delivers quotes from such luminaries as Bette Davis, Errol Flynn, Kim Basinger, Burt Reynolds, Ingrid Bergman, Kevin Costner, Marilyn Monroe, and William Shakespeare. Line drawings.

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